Robin Zaagsma

Game developer

Trigger Heroes

Arcade, Shooter, Mobile

The single-finger top-down-shooter for mobile

Trigger Heroes is an exciting top down roguelike shooter with simple one-touch controls. Explore different areas, battle against unique enemies, dodge bullets, and use a wide variety of weapons!

A collaboration between Skydevilpalm and me, published Lucky Kat Studios.

Beat Street

Beat 'em up, Mobile

A beat 'em up you can play with one hand

Beat Street is a love letter to the 90s beat ‘em up genre and is the first mobile beat ‘em up with simple one-touch controls!

Developed at Lucky Kat Studios.


Action Puzzle, Mobile

Panelore is an action puzzle game that requires you to think fast and plan ahead! Align 3 or more blocks to make them disappear. However, there is no time for idling! New blocks are constantly moving in from the bottom, and if any reach the top... it's Game Over!

Panelore is based on the SNES classic Panel de Pon (aka. Puzzle League/Tetris Attack). It started as a small project to fill in the 'downtime hours' during my travels around Asia (think buses, trains, airport terminals, etc.). It is the first project that I've carried from inception to release all by myself!

Grumpy Cat's worst game ever

Microgames, Mobile

The worst game you will ever play

Grumpy Cat's worst game ever is the first licensed Grumpy Cat game. Play through a collection of microgames featuring Grumpy Cat in ludicrous situations!

Developed at Lucky Kat Studios.

Murder on 39th Street

Ludum Dare, Web, Battery

Murder on 39th Street is a murder mystery that utilizes your devices battery. You, Heather, have been murdered at the start of spring. You have until the end of Winter to collect clues and find out who murdered you. Your devices battery level determines the in game time. Come back when your device is lower on power to progress in the story, or charge your device to go back in time!

The game was made for Ludum Dare 39, and scored very well on many categories!

Food Wars

Facebook Live, Interactive Stream

The 'Food Wars' (no official name was ever given to this project) were a series of livestreams on Lucky Kat's Facebook page that viewers could interact with. When someone typed a keyword in the comment section (e.g. 'fruit' or 'candy'), a character on the chosen team would spawn baring the commenters name. The 'game' then played out automatically like a simple tower-defense style game. Characters fought members of the opposing team, and ultimately the opposing teams base. Stats were kept throughout the stream and shown between matches (who scored the most points, who killed the most opponents, etc).

Player engagement and virality meant we often had over 1000 concurrent streamers. The system (which used the public Facebook API to feed the game input based on the comments section) kept up with these amounts of viewers very well!

H.A.M. - ride the airwaves

Radio, MIDI, Global Game Jam

Search the airwaves for your friends, and chat about life's greatest mysteries. You will communicate using musical notes and tune in to other HAM users on other frequencies. A MIDI-keyboard is used as the main controller.

In H.A.M you use a midi controller with 3 knobs to tune your radio and find people to talk with. For our jam version, we managed to create a fairly short story and polished visuals!

H.A.M. was the result of Global Game Jam 2017. We were a small team of 3, but luckily we were used to working with each other, and this synergy helped us secure the first place at our Jam Site!

Combo Crusader

Puzzle, Web

Combo Crusader is a puzzle game in which the player has to connect three or more monsters of the same kind in order to remove them from the board. Monsters will drop down to fill the gaps. There are various kinds of levels with different goals, such as 'Defeat 30 blue monsters', or 'Collect 3 gems'. This game is part of the CoolGames portfolio

Dungeon Descender

Dungeon Crawler, Roguelike, Web

Dungeon Desccender is a turn based dungeon crawler, in which the player has to battle and loot increasingly difficult monster to progress to the next floor. A very fun and challenging project that I started as an intern, and finished as a part-time employee at Tingly Games (now CoolGames).


Procedural Animation

A demonstration of my findings for a school research project on procedural animation. I was inspired by the animation in games such as 'Project Rainworld' and wanted to see how such animation systems could be build.

DUOS: Tropical Link

Puzzle, Web

In DUOS two tiles must be connected through an unobstructed line with two corners or less. Creating friendly animations was a key point for this game. The game was made as part of CoolGames' portfolio.


Sim, Roguelite, Jam

Realm is a game best described as a 'Trading Card City Builder', made in 2 days for the 34th edition of Ludum Dare. While the game's balance is very flawed, I am fond of the concept.


NES, Assembly, Jam

Octobrawl is an attempt at an NES game made for a 48 hour 'low level jam'. The goal of this jam was to go back to the roots of gamedev and make a game that runs on an (emulated) old game system. A friend and me went with the NES. The game is barely functional, let alone fun, but writing something in 6502 assembly that ran on actual emulator is still one of the most fun and educative experiences I have had.


Puzzle, Calming, Global Game Jam

Palpito is a minimalistic game featuring a unique mechanic and calming ambience. It was made during the Global Game Jam of 2013 with a team of 4 students. My main responsibilities were developing the line controls and the visual programming.